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He who is best prepared can best serve his moment of inspiration.

— Samuel Taylor Coleridge

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Hi! I'm Melanie

Attorney, Entrepreneur Ally, and Legacy Builder

I was born and raised in Bronx, NY. I did not have my first lemonade stand at 8, and no tales of buying candy and flipping it for a higher price during recess. I did not come from a long line of entrepreneurs, but hard working people for sure. All things considered, there’s no way I could have predicted I would own more than one business. Because I believe in, and know, the importance of small businesses to any community (and nation), I am excited about helping entrepreneurs and small business owners, especially those, who like me, did not come from generations of business ownership.

*Full disclosure, I'm usually in jeans and that Apple laptop is a prop. I love my new Microsoft Surface Book 2 : )

More fun & random facts

I live to travel internationally, but driving cross country is on my bucket list.

I’m always reading something, sharing with others what I’m reading, and convincing them to read it also.

I’m pretty crafty & I’m currently learning to sew.

Love history – reading, studying, visiting significant areas, and documentaries.

Am a part-time vegetarian (read: I crave a good burger or lamb chops twice a year)

Dessert enthusiast

I love a good BBC drama (thank goodness for Netflix), obsessed with HGTV’s House Hunters & House Hunters International, still enjoy Law & Order (the original series) marathon, longing for a reboot of Martin.


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