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your ideas are valuable

Like most business owners, we imagine you are frequently coming up with new ideas for product lines, businesses, programs and services.  But, how do you know what to move forward with, what goes in the someday maybe pile and what should be acted upon immediately?

Having a trusted, objective advisor to run those questions by is a great idea.  But who can you trust to give you unbiased, smart, thoughtful guidance?  You can trust us.

In fact, running your visionary plans by your business lawyer is the best thing you could do - Warren Buffet’s no dummy and he runs every deal by his personal business lawyer, Charlie Munger, before saying yes to any new possibility.  You see, just as Charlie guides Warren, we can help you make the decision about whether to move forward with a potential deal or new revenue stream within the context of your overall business objectives AND we can ensure that any new deal is properly documented and your intellectual property is protected.

general counsel protecting your ip

From trademarks to copyrights and protection of your branding, systems, and processes, we will help you determine what really is protection-worthy with formal registration with the United States Patent & Trademark Office (or other international jurisdictions) and what can benefit from a simple, easy and free stake of your claim. 

When you participate in one of our Business Growth Membership programs, we will regularly connect with you to discover any new websites you have registered, new ideas you have had crop up, or new content you have created so we can ensure it’s all been protected to the maximum that makes sense and your ideas are safe and sound so you can make the most of them in the world.

Plus, if and when one of your trademarks or copyrights are infringed upon (meaning someone else out there is using something you have staked a claim to), we’ll make contact on your behalf, not in a traditional crabby lawyer way, but in such a way that it opens up a dialogue and even the possibility for future collaboration.

let us help you

That is because we are all about helping you do business in a new paradigm way that focuses a lot more on collaboration than competition while still allowing you to set clear boundaries and stake your claim to your brilliant ideas.

Sound good? 

If so, you might want to contact us about our LIFT Foundation Audit or our LIFT Start-Up Session - There aren’t too many lawyers out here like us and our calendars fill up quickly.

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