Who We Serve

Benefits to Small Business Owners


Our plans are designed to assist small business owners (from those just starting, to growing businesses not large enough to need a full-time in-house attorney) with their legal needs on a proactive and predictable basis. 

We do this by beginning each relationship with an uncomplicated, but informative, business assessment.  The business assessment allows us to identify the issues at the top of the business owners mind, and equally important, the areas that they need to address but until the assessment did not appreciate.

To address those immediate legal concerns and potential risks, we offer both flat fee plans and unique business general counsel plans that allow clients to get more work done for less money than if they were paying by the hour. 

  • Clients should feel like they can email or call their attorney without fear of racking up a hefty bill.
  • Business owners, especially start-ups, should not have to deal with bills that are          pages long and include separate charges for postage, copies, and “research”.
  • Finally, we are not just your attorney preparing documents.  We endeavor to provide     such a high level of service that our small business owners look to us as trusted         advisors and strategic partners to avoid legal issues while their company grows, not simply a necessary evil in the course of doing business. 

With our business general counsel plans specifically . . .

  • Small business owners get the benefit of having an ongoing relationship with a partner always looking out for their needs.
  • Each business general counsel plan comes with scheduled strategy calls.  Those calls plus ongoing relationship means we proactively look for things to work on next in furtherance of your success.
  • Business general counsel plans allows small business owners to spread out their expenses over time in smaller monthly amounts instead of getting large bills all at once.
  • Small business owners are empowered because all plans are agreed to in advance, based on their particular business and needs, and at the fee they choose.