Making Agreements, Sealing Deals, & Getting Paid

sealing the deal

Incorporating your business entity is just the very beginning – we help your business grow!

As a business owner you cannot escape agreements.  Routinely you will have to deal with agreements with:

  • with investors or lenders,

  • clients and vendors,

  • employees and independent contractors,

  • partners and customers

The success of your business depends on your ability to make agreements and seal the deal.

If this is a struggle for you, or you know you are not presently operating with adequate agreements, we can help.  We love to create clear agreements, help you set boundaries and manage expectations.  The future of your business hinges on it. 

general counsel plans

When you choose MC Law Office as your small business general counsel, we won’t simply incorporate your business and send you on your way.  Nope, every engagement with us begins with either a review of your current agreements or, if you don’t have any, the creation of the core agreements that are vital to your business.

Then, we will proactively monitor your business activities to ensure we are helping you seal the deal on an ongoing basis.  Plus, provide you with template agreements you can use to handle recurring agreements that come up consistently, such as those with your clients.

We use an innovative agreement process that gets all parties on the same page and leads only to triple win situations – that means that an agreement has to be a win for you, the other party and the situation as a whole. If it’s not, no deal.

You see, we understand that it’s your upfront agreements (and your/our ability to renegotiate those agreements) that will keep you in the flow of business and out of the crunch of conflict.

If you have undocumented agreements (or no agreements at all), consider asking us to conduct a LIFT Foundation Audit and support you to take your business to the next level with the agreements your work deserves.  During the LIFT Foundation Audit we will review your existing contracts as well.